About Us

The NestFeather blog is the brainchild (or rather, brainchick) of Cynthia Lewis and Erich Seifert.  Erich does the illustrations, Cynthia does the writing, and both come up with concepts--sometimes individually, but often developing and honing ideas by playing off of each other.

Erich, Bad Egg

Cynthia, Chief Nestling

Gratuitous Image of a Parrot

We are no longer making posts on a regular basis.  You can be notified of new blog posts either by clicking on one of the buttons on the right side of the page to "follow" us on Facebook, with Google Friend Connect, or by email; or click on the orange chicklet to subcribe to our RSS feed

NestFeather also has a number of edgy novelty products in the prototyping and testing phase. We hope that the first of the products will be available for purchase on this web site sometime in 2014.

Comments, questions, suggestions, and email list requests can be sent to